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North Carolina is known for its beautiful landscapes, historical significance for much of our country’s early heritage and wars, delicious foods, and warm hospitality. It has been nicknamed ‘The Tar Heel State’ and has been suggested that it was given this name for its early industrial initiatives for producing tar, pitch, and turpentine in the state’s early beginnings.

Today, the region plays a large part in some of the world’s most relied upon industries. Research Triangle Park, located in Durham, is filled with high-tech businesses, research companies, as well as biotechnology, information technology, pharmaceuticals, and telecommunications. Manufacturing, agriculture, energy production, and construction companies also make up a large portion of North Carolina’s business sphere.

All of these companies rely on affordable and effective ways to manage and remove waste for their businesses in order to operate efficiently. Renting containers is an option. However, purchasing roll off containers and/or dumpsters is a smarter way to go. Buying commercial waste containers reduces costs in the long term and allows businesses to customize their containers to fit their unique requirements. And North Carolina businesses have an advantage because one of the best manufacturers for steel waste management containers operates within their very own state.

Steel Roll Off Containers and Commercial Dumpsters
Steel Commercial Garbage Dumpsters

Steel Recycling and Waste Container Manufacturers

Southeastern Steel Manufacturing Co. | SSMC is located in Statesville and offers high-quality, customized waste dumpsters and roll off containers. Front and rear loader dumpsters are available, as well as box style and tub style roll off containers.

Unlike other types of commercial waste and recycling containers made with less resilience, Steel containers are able to withstand extreme conditions and abuse from workers and transporters. Purchasing commercial waste containers is an investment that most managers and business owners find great value in.

SSMC waste management containers in north carolina

Owning Steel Roll Off Containers and Commercial Dumpsters offer Numerous Benefits:


The containers are built for each company’s own specific needs, helping to improve their waste removal procedures.


These containers are able to maintain their strength regardless of harsh conditions, heavy loads, and mishandling.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Steel waste and recycling containers only need a simple wash and are not as prone to bad odor as other types of waste management container options. Periodic painting will help to avoid rusting and maintain a fresh appearance.

Fire Resistant

Roll offs and dumpsters made of steel are non-combustible.


Logos and other aesthetics can be added to a steel waste roll off container or dumpster. In addition, it will continue to appear in pristine condition with little cleaning or maintenance.


Steel containers are made with lock mechanisms and lids that help to keep out intruders, pests, and dirt!

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Call SSMC today at 833-872-7762 to find out about our commercial roll off and dumpster containers for North Carolina businesses. We not only take manufacturing steel waste containers seriously, but also know that time is of the essence! Our team maintains some of the industry’s shortest lead times. Request a quote or contact us online with any questions. We look forward to speaking with you!