Steel Waste Container Manufacturer for Florida Businesses

Steel Waste Containers for Florida Businesses

Businesses in the state of Florida range from amusement parks to wholesale trade. According to a recent study, the state now leads the nation in new business formations with more than 2.6 million new businesses formed over the last four years. Most realized that the Tourism and Hospitality industries lead and employ approximately 10.9% of the state’s total workforce. Following close behind is real estate, construction, aviation, and aerospace. A new study by Simplify LLC found that Florida has also ranked #2 as one of the top 10 states in the USA to start a new business.

Steel Waste Container Manufacturer for Florida Businesses
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Waste Management Containers for Commercial and Industrial Businesses

Regardless of the type of business you manage or own in the Sunshine State, most medium to large-scale operations (and any type of construction or demolition project) require logical waste removal solutions. Both federal and Florida state laws regulate the way waste can be removed from a business to help protect the environment. Therefore, businesses need compliant, effective, and affordable dumpsters and roll off containers to address those requirements.

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Why Steel Waste Containers are the Most Sensible Option

Although there is a long list of options for commercial waste containers, such as aluminum, concrete, fiberglass, concrete and plastic (to name a few), the most durable and cost-effective option is steel. Steel dumpsters and roll off containers are completely resilient and resistant to mishandling, extreme weather conditions, and even fire.

These commercial waste management container solutions are an excellent resource for collecting and disposing of trash, recycling, packaging materials, food waste and other non-hazardous materials. Steel containers for waste and recycling can be customized to meet the unique needs of each business, making them the number one choice for construction and demolition waste, manufacturing facilities, restaurants, hotels, and most any large commercial operation.


Steel Dumpsters and roll offs can be manufactured based on a business’ own unique requirements


Unlikely to crack, warp, degrade or show damage from mishandling or harsh weather conditions

Easy to Maintain

Cleaning and maintaining steel dumpsters and roll off containers requires simple quick washes and may be painted sporadically to keep them looking in their best condition. These containers are also more resistant to odors than plastic and other types of waste containers.

Fire Resistant

Because steel is non-combustible, these containers are free of fire concerns, which are common in industrial and construction-based businesses

Long Lasting

Again, steel is highly durable and will outlast other types of materials used to manufacture commercial waste containers

More Professional Looking

Businesses will have the option to have their dumpsters or roll off containers made of steel painted a color of their choice, as well as include their brand logo. These containers are also able to be kept in better condition over time helping businesses to make a better impression

More Secure / Intruder Resistant

Steel waste containers are available to be fabricated with an accompanying lock lid to help prevent dumpster divers, and illegal dumping

Pest Resistant

The availability of the lock lid mechanism is also fantastic for preventing wildlife and insects from invasion


If a business sells or has no longer a need for a steel dumpster or roll off, these containers have a high resale value. When a steel container has eventually lived out its ability to be useful, it can also be recycled. Therefore, steel waste containers are also an environmentally friendly option.

Buying Steel Dumpsters and Containers vs Renting

Buying Steel Dumpsters and Containers vs Renting

There are many benefits for buying steel waste containers versus renting them. The first and most notable advantage is because these containers provide a more reliable and longer-lasting solution. Secondly, steel dumpsters and roll offs can be customized for each business and built with requested specifications.

Renting dumpsters and roll offs will require more from budgets over time, and typically will not fit the needs of businesses the way customized steel containers can. When you buy a dumpster or roll off container instead of renting, you have more control over the size. This makes using, transporting, and storing dumpsters and roll off containers easier (which results in less expenses for human resources and transporting).

Request a Quote for Steel Waste Containers

Buying steel waste containers will also save money over time because it is a much more durable option than any other type of commercial waste removal product solution. Request a quote for steel dumpsters and/or roll off containers in Florida from Southeastern Steel Manufacturing Co.  | SSMC.

We build steel front load and rear load dumpsters, as well as tub style and box style roll off waste containers for commercial use right here in the United States. Our strength lies in our craftsmanship and a team of highly skilled welders with more than 20 years of welding experience.

Our team understands that time is of the essence and maintains some of the industry’s shortest lead times without comprising quality. Call for a quote for steel waste containers in Florida today at 833-872-7762 or simply contact us online.