Tub Style Roll Off Containers

Tub style roll off containers are large, heavy-duty bins made of steel and ideal for disposing of and transporting waste and debris from construction projects and other industries with a vast amount of cleanup or demolition. These containers are rectangularly shaped with an open top and low sides. The name speaks for itself, as these roll offs have a similar appearance to a bathtub.

Waste roll off containers at Southeastern Steel Manufacturing Co. | SSMC are designed for versatility; our Tub Style Roll Off Containers seamlessly handle a variety of waste streams. Their curved body facilitates easy loading and unloading, ensuring quick turnaround times. Crafted with quality steel, they promise durability even in the most demanding conditions. These roll off containers are an essential choice for operations valuing efficiency and longevity.

How Does Buying Tub Style Roll Offs Benefit Operations?

  • Built to Last – All of the waste containers made at SSMC are manufactured to handle the toughest circumstances. These are heavy duty steel waste containers crafted and coated with tough industries in mind, including construction, demolition and any industry that is repeatedly dealing with heavy duty waste and materials.
  • Customized – When you purchase a roll off container, it can also be used to help identify and brand your business with logos and contact information.
  • Easy to Load and Unload – The tub style roll off container makes it easy to load and unload waste and recycling for workers and equipment because the sides are low, and the top is open. These two features also help to reduce time spent by employees, which consequently also cuts costs for human resources.
  • Easy to Transport – All roll off containers have the ability to be transported more efficiently than traditional dumpsters. This is because they are created specifically to coincide with the hook and cable mechanisms of roll off trucks that allows for more efficient delivery and pickup methods.
  • Help Adhere to Regulations – All businesses are required to follow federally and locally regulated environmental laws for removing commercial waste. The tub, and all roll offs, provide a safer method for transporting waste making it much easier to abide by these laws.
  • Maintenance Control Buying a roll off container allows you to schedule the necessary maintenance to prevent unexpected downtime from deficient waste container rental problems.
  • Predictable Expense – When choosing to buy a heavy equipment waste container instead of renting, a business has more control over their waste disposal budget. There are no unexpected surprises by rental companies.
  • Reduces Budgets – Relying on numerous small waste containers for commercial waste removal requires a lot of time and aggravation. As mentioned above, these containers make it easier for workers and equipment to dispose of waste, which results in faster cleanup. Choosing to buy a tub style roll off container, rather than renting, is a smart investment for construction companies; and any type of operation with large industrial projects where there is a lot of waste removal necessary. Owning a roll off container outright is always going to save money in the long run and allow you more control.
  • Resaleable – If you sell your business (or decide that you no longer need your waste or recycling container) and the container is still in good shape, you can sell a roll off and get at least a portion back from your initial investment.
  • Save Space – Because of the tub style container’s rectangular shape, this makes it easier to stack and store these steel bins which in turn reduces wasted space and helps to deter clutter.
  • Tax Deduction – In many regions, businesses that purchase commercial waste containers are eligible for tax deductions or credits.

When you are ready to shop for a tub style roll off container, call Southeastern Steel Manufacturing Co. | SSMC at 833-872-7762 to request a quote. We serve areas from the mid to eastern United States. Below is a list of sizes and dimensions of tub style roll offs available.


Dimensions & Sizing

10 Cubic Yard Tub Style Roll Off: 10 FT (L) x 7.5 FT (W) x 4 FT (H)
15 Cubic Yard Tub Style Roll Off: 14 FT (L) x 7.5 FT (W) x 4 FT (H)
20 Cubic Yard Tub Style Roll Off:
  Standard: 20 FT (L) x 7.5 FT (W) x 4 FT (H)
  Suburban Short: 16 FT (L) x 7.5 FT (W) x 5 FT (H)
  Extended: 22 FT (L) x 7.5 FT (W) x 4 FT (H)
30 Cubic Yard Tub Style Roll Off: 20 FT (L) x 7.5 FT (W) x 6 FT (H)
40 Cubic Yard Tub Style Roll Off: 20 FT (L) x 7.5 FT (W) x 8 FT (H)


Material Build Quality

Flooring: 3/16″
Surround: 10 gauge
Tubing: 3/16″
Heavy Duty (at an upcharge):
Flooring: 1/4″
Surround: 3/16 gauge
Tubing: 1/4″

Hauling Systems

Cable System*
Hooklift System**
Combo** (hooklift & cable system)

Color Options

Standard Hues: Red, Blue, Gray, Black, White, Lime Green, Pink
Custom Colors: Available with an upcharge. Dry or wet sample required for paint matching.