Box Style Roll Off Containers

Box style roll off containers are large and rectangular containers used by industrial and commercial businesses for collecting, removing and transporting waste and material. Our Box Style Roll Off Containers bring a combination of spaciousness and rugged design. Their rectangular shape offers maximum volume, making them ideal for large-scale waste projects. Constructed with quality steel, they stand resilient against heavy loads and repetitive use. When capacity and endurance matter, our Box Style containers deliver.

Box Style Roll Off Container Features

  • Accommodating – The ability to select different sizes of these waste containers allows businesses to choose the best roll off containers that meet their unique requirements. Roll offs can also be customized to include features based on each business’ needs, including holes for drainage, and lockable lids. These containers can also be manufactured with special coatings to prevent damage and corrosion from repeated use and harmful substances. Box roll off containers are also resourceful, as they are useful for many different purposes. Waste and recycling are some of the most common, but these containers are also great for storing materials on job sites.
  • Durable – Our roll off containers are made of steel at SSMC and are built to withstand the rigorous processes of repeated loading, unloading, and transporting these containers for recycling and waste removal.
  • Maximizes Space – The box style design allows for easier loading and stacking of waste and materials than traditional dumpsters.
  • Easily Accessible – These rectangular, roll off waste management containers have an open top which makes it easy to load materials manually and also for loading with forklifts, front end loaders or other heavy equipment.
  • Easy to Load – Box style roll offs are designed specifically for roll off trucks that have a hook lift mechanism that allow for easy loading, unloading, and transporting these waste and recycling containers.

Efficient Recycling, Waste Management and Storage Solutions

Box style roll off containers are an excellent resource for industrial and commercial businesses in a number of ways. They provide an effective and reliable way for removing and storing waste and materials. If your business is the market to buy roll off containers, there is no better option than Southeastern Steel Manufacturing Co. We are a roll off container manufacturers based out of North Carolina. Our products are available to industrial and commercial customers from the mid to eastern United States regions. Below are the Available SSMC roll off containers sizes.

Call Southeastern Steel Manufacturing Co. | SSMC today at 833-872-7762 to request a quote for box style roll offs or any of our other steel waste and recycling containers. You may also contact us online. We look forward to speaking with you.


Dimensions & Sizing

10 Cubic Yard Roll Off Container: 10 FT (L) x 7.5 FT (W) x 4 FT (H)
15 Cubic Yard Roll Off Container: 14 FT (L) x 7.5 FT (W) x 4 FT (H)
20 Cubic Yard Roll Off Containers:
  Standard: 20 FT (L) x 7.5 FT (W) x 4 FT (H)
  Suburban Short: 16 FT (L) x 7.5 FT (W) x 5 FT (H)
  Extended: 22 FT (L) x 7.5 FT (W) x 4 FT (H)
30 Cubic Yard Roll Off Containers: 20 FT (L) x 7.5 FT (W) x 6 FT (H)
40 Cubic Yard Roll Off Containers: 20 FT (L) x 7.5 FT (W) x 8 FT (H)


Support Columns

10 CYD & 15 CYD: 5 Support Columns
20 CYD, 30 CYD, and 40 CYD: 8 Support Columns