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We provide reliable and affordable roll-off Dumpsters, Recycling and Waste Containers for sale for all types of industries. All containers are manufactured with the highest quality and industry standards available. SSMC guarantees excellent customer services and prompt delivery methods.

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About Southeastern Steel Manufacturing Co.

At Southeastern Steel Manufacturing Co., our legacy is crafted in the very steel we shape. Founded on the principles of precision, dedication, and innovation, we have carved a niche for ourselves in the realm of waste management container fabrication.

At SSMC Steel, our commitment goes beyond fabrication. We craft waste management containers that resonate with the dedication and spirit that our roots inspire. Proudly based in the USA, we believe in combining innovation with time-honored values to deliver unmatched quality.

SSMC Southern Steel Manufacturing co.

Our Products

Southeastern Steel Manufacturing Co. remains at the forefront in the fabrication of premium waste management containers and versatile transport solutions. Each offering underlines our dedication to quality, innovation, and unmatched client satisfaction.

Tub Style Roll Off Containers

Tub Style Roll-Off Containers

Box Style Roll Off Containers

Box Style Roll-Off Containers

Front Loader

Front loaders

Rear Loader Container

Rear loaders

SSMC Southern Steel Manufacturing co.

Why choose SSMC?


Our containers reflect a blend of modern design and traditional values.

Precision Engineering

With a meticulous approach, we ensure each product stands out in functionality and resilience.

Durable Materials

Quality materials, responsibly sourced, ensure our containers are built to last.

Custom Solutions

Understanding your unique needs, we collaborate to provide tailored solutions.

Efficient Turnaround

Commitment means timely delivery without cutting corners on quality.

Join hands with SSMC Steel, where our roots inspire genuine dedication to excellence in waste management solutions.

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Our committed production team is focused on crafting containers of the utmost quality available in the market, all while offering the most competitive prices. Whether you’re seeking new containers or require a personalized price estimate, don’t hesitate to engage with one of our skilled representatives. Reach out to us now to explore how Southeastern Steel Manufacturing Co. can contribute to the expansion of your business through exceptional container solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What materials are used in the manufacturing of your containers and equipment?

Answer: All our containers and equipment are made from high-quality steel, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance.

How long does it typically take from order to delivery?

Answer: Typically, it takes between 2-4 weeks from the time of order to delivery, depending on the specific product and customization requirements.

Can I get a custom-sized container or piece of equipment?

Answer: Absolutely! We understand the unique needs of our clients and are happy to accommodate custom size requests. Please reach out to our sales team for further details.

What warranty or guarantee do you offer on your products?

Answer: We offer a standard 30 day guarantee on all our products, covering any manufacturing defects.

How does your pricing compare to competitors?

Answer: We pride ourselves on offering competitive pricing without compromising on quality. Our combination of excellent products and affordable rates sets us apart in the market.

Do you offer any maintenance or repair services?

Answer: Yes, we offer comprehensive maintenance and repair services for all our products. Our dedicated service team ensures your equipment remains in top condition.

Are there any special care instructions for prolonging the life of the equipment?

Answer: Regular cleaning and avoiding overloading are key. While our steel containers and equipment are designed for durability, periodic checks for any wear and tear will also help prolong their lifespan.

How do I get in touch for post-purchase support?

Answer: You can reach out to our dedicated customer support team via phone, email, or through our website’s contact form. We’re always here to assist you!

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